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Hunger Games Mentor: Axle Binford by Kintupsi Hunger Games Mentor: Axle Binford by Kintupsi
Whew! :phew: It's finally done! Here I have drawn *X-I-L2048's character Axle Binford; he is her character but I drew him and put in all the application info. ;) Actually, I'm really proud of how he turned out! Especially considering I've never drawn stubble before. :o

(X-I wrote the following; I simply copied-and-pasted it from the note, so all typos are as-is and it's not my problem. :iconimsotiredplz:)

Axle Binford



Health issues:
Axel is a morphling addict. While he’s actively on it, he occasionally has trouble separating fantasy from reality, but he’s usually relatively alert, appearing pleasantly lethargic much of the time, but not completely checked out from reality, unlike some other morphlings. It also greatly affects his coordination, concentration, and judgment. If he is deprived of the drug, he’s a wreck, and regularly suffers flashbacks, high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, restlessness, irritability, loss of appetite, body aches, severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and tremors, along with severe depression. He also has severe PTSD, which is why he started taking morphling in the first place. He has severely disturbing dreams about his time in the arena, and will get flashbacks that last hours, or even days at a time. He also has trouble sleeping without the aid of some type of drug, and is easily startled. Do not leave him in complete darkness if you don’t want a freakout of truly epic proportions on your hands, morphling or no.

Body type:
Lanky and lean from forgetting to eat for extended periods of time because of the morphling.

Eye Color:

Hair Color:

- Jackknife Binford: Father (deceased) – Outwardly a cold, stoic furniture maker, Jack – as his few friends called him – cared deeply about his son in his own way, and worked hard to provide for him, making sure he never went hungry and always had clothes on his back. Axle loved him fiercely, and did everything he could to please him. Two years after his son won his Games, he was killed by the Capitol in an automobile accident because Axle refused to work for them, an incident that Axle still holds deep guilt over.
- Violet Emerson: Mother (59) – A flighty, selfish, manipulative woman, Violet left her husband for another man when Axle was thirteen, taking her then-eight-year-old daughter with her. She really wanted nothing to do with her ex-husband or son afterward until Axle won his Games, when she came calling for a share of victor benefits from her dutiful son. Axle graciously gave her all the money she asked for, perhaps naively hoping that she would start to love him if he took care of her well enough. He continues to send her money out of obligation, but he holds no illusions anymore that it will buy him the love he so desperately wants.
-Glory Binford: younger sister (31) – Spoiled and bratty in childhood, even more spoiled and bratty as an adult, she’s married to one of the district councilman, one of the only people in the district that can support her lavish (for the district, anyway), lifestyle. While she pesters him incessantly for more and more money, Axle refuses to give her anymore than the minimum, and even that’s out of only familial obligation. Needless to say, the two have never gotten along well, and that’s highly unlikely to ever change.
- Gem: dog (6) – Gem is a stray dog that was taken in by Flywheel initially, the only tribute thus far that Axle’s been able to bring home from the Games. The dog took a shine to Axle when he was over visiting his fellow victor one day, and Flywheel suggested he take her in. He resisted at first, but when the woman dropped off a squirming bundle of animal in his living room one day, he crumbled under the onslaught of puppy eyes and relented. She’s been the best thing to happen to him in a long, long while, since her presence forces him to take less morphling so he remembers to take care of her, and he’s subsequently more aware and cognizant as a result. Her presence also sooths some of his acute loneliness, and she’s become the thing he loves most on earth. He’d do anything to keep her safe.

Significant other:
Maxine Kimble, his girlfriend at the time he entered the arena. They stayed together for another couple years after he came home, and she was instrumental in keeping him relatively together during that time. However, when the Capitol killed his father and threatened her life after Axle kept refusing to cave to their demands for him to mentor for District 6 or prostitute himself for the Capitolites, he reluctantly broke up with her for her own protection and started taking morphling soon after. He told her his true reasons for leaving her when he did so, however, and she does not hold his decision against him. They still consider each other friends, even though she has gotten married since then and has had four children of her own.

While under the affects of morphling, Axle is pretty much apathetic to everything and everyone around him, save for his dog, the few people he genuinely cares about, carving, and strawberries. He drifts through life with a blasé ennui that both unnerves and offends people, though he can become very irritable and snappish if someone or something startles him. Blunt and pessimistic, Axle tells it like he sees it, and pretty much never sees the good in anything anymore, preferring to focus on the bad so it’s less of a shock when something unfortunate occurs. He rarely, if ever, becomes attached to the tributes he’s forced to mentor, treating them with the same indifference he treats everyone else, though he can and does make a fine mentor when he forces himself to deal with reality. However, take him off his morphling, and Axle is quickly revealed to be a very lonely, deeply traumatized individual, disillusioned by a lifetime of people who professed to care about him being either absent, indifferent, or eventually taken from him in one way or another. As such, he is very, very reluctant to form attachments to people or things, limiting himself to a scant couple of his fellow victors, a few faithful childhood friends, and his dog.

Hunger Games:
Axle was Reaped for 41st Hunger Games when he was 17 years old. His training score was a 7, due to his somewhat unique ability to dodge and contort himself into unbelievably odd and small places because of his job grinding the metal beads left by welders on, between, behind, and in the most inaccessible places of the frames and hulls of ships and other vehicles (claustrophobia was not an issue for him). He knew he was probably not going to make it out of the arena alive, but he was determined to get back to his father and girlfriend if at all possible. He also did not even try to garner allies, though he had a non-aggression pact with his districtmate.

The arena that year was completely underground, a huge, domelike cave with many interconnecting tunnels, smaller caves, underground rivers, lakes, canyons and cliffs within it. The only lights to be found in the whole arena were the occasional patch of phosphorescent fungi, moss, or algae, bioluminescent fish or insects, luminous, multicolored crystals, the large spotlights surrounding the Cornucopia, and the self-sustaining flashlights and headlamps scattered throughout the supplies.

In addition to the normal bats, grubs, and such one would normally find in caves, huge, mutated versions of cave dwelling animals roamed the arena as well, from carnivorous moles large enough to rival a small car, to worms the size of garden hoses that oozed acid, to blind fish the size of alligators that would strip the flesh off one’s bones in seconds.

When the starting gong went off, Axle grabbed a knife, waterskin, pack of nuts, and a flashlight, and bugged out. He ran as far as he could for a couple hours before holing up inside a small cave. He stayed there for a day or two, before happening on a loose patch of ground near the back of the cave that collapsed underneath him, plunging him down about thirty feet. He broke his flashlight on impact, but managed to keep a hold of his knife and waterskin. He had sprained his wrist, given himself a concussion, and banged and bashed himself up pretty good, but otherwise was unhurt.

Axle wandered blindly for what seemed like days in the stuffy, smelly, pitch black tunnels. Luckily, the waterskin had been filled when he had grabbed it at the cornucopia, and it was a large one, but the water was already half gone by the time he’d fallen down there. Unfortunately, a large, carnivorous mole mutt called those tunnels its home, so Axle was forced to continually play a blind game of cat-and-mouse for days, never being able to sleep more than an hour or two at a time, always jumping at the slightest sound, and steadily getting weaker and weaker from thirst and hunger.

After hearing haunting screams echo through the tunnels for hours at one point, he eventually tripped over the body of the District 8 boy – who had also been unlucky enough to fall into the mole’s warrens - in the dark. Amazingly, the boy was not quite dead even though the mutt had eaten half his flesh already. Axle obliged the boy’s desperate pleas to finish him off before temporarily snapping and tearing blindly through the tunnels, not caring where he was or where he was going or whether the mole would find him and eat him, too.

He finally ended up running into a wall and knocking himself silly for a few minutes, but the impact rattled some stone loose, and he could see light behind it. Digging frantically with his bare hands, he came upon a decent-sized cavern studded with hundreds of glowing crystals growing out of the walls and ceiling. After patching the hole back up as best he could so that the mutt wouldn’t find the opening, Axle set about exploring the cave, nearly in tears at being surrounded by light again.

A stream of water flowed out of the wall in one corner of the cave, forming a shallow pool before the excess overflowed and watered some large mushrooms growing around it. The luminous crystals came in all sizes and shapes, and when he investigated them, he found they could be broken apart relatively easily by a precise application of force by the handle of his knife, and were as sharp as obsidian. He rested in his sanctuary for a couple days, living off grubs he found under rocks, the mushrooms (which thankfully weren’t poisonous), and the water from the pool. He spent his spare time crafting a larger, more reliable weapon out of a single, large piece of green crystal with his knife after perfecting the technique with smaller crystals. When he finished, he had a long, single-sided, glowing blade that closely resembled a machete.

When his pool of water ran dry, he decided that the Gamemakers were sending him a hint, and figured that it was now or never. He tore up his shirt to make a handgrip and carrying strap for the weapon, and filled his pockets with as many shards of shining rock as he could. Leaving a glowing rock every three steps and holding his machete out like a torch, he tiptoed through the tunnels, looking for any sign of the mole mutt while trying desperately to find a way out.

He finally found one, but had to fight his way through an angry mutt to reach it. The image of the terrified, battered boy standing over the cooling corpse of the beast, holding a glowing green blade that shed incandescent crimson tears was one that the Gamemakers never got tired of showing. After he got back up to the surface, he realized that he had absolutely no idea how many tributes were left, who they were, or how he would find them. He had a full waterskin and a couple mushrooms in his pocket, but once those ran out, he was finished.

Suddenly, a silver parachute floated down in front of him. His first gift from a sponsor turned out to be a backpack, filled with food and a spare bottle of water. The food and water kept him going for another couple days, and he steadily made his way toward the distant lights surrounding the Cornucopia. A single cannon went off in the meantime and the District 1 boy’s face reflected off the ceiling of the cavern. A rockslide finally drove Axle down toward a canyon where, as it turned out, the boy from District 11 had been hiding out nearly the whole time the Games had been going on and the Gamemakers were staging the final confrontation.

The final fight was long and bloody, but the machete and spare shards of crystal gave Axle the upper hand, and he was ultimately crowned the victor of the 41st Hunger Games.

Post Games:
Thoroughly rattled by his experience in the Games, Axle headed home to recover. For awhile, it seemed like he was hanging in there alright, mostly with the help of his girlfriend and a couple other of his close friends. Then came the murder of his father and his breakup with his sweetheart, and he started turning to morphling to get away from the constant stress, heartache, panic attacks, and nightmares he kept suffering as a result of his PTSD. He took to carving for his “talent”; wood, stone, soap, if he can take a knife to it, he will. There are hundreds of figurines of flowers, animals, and geometric shapes littering his house, and he’ll give them away at the drop of a hat to anyone who shows the slightest interest. There’s a small, but healthy demand for his carvings in the Capitol, as well, and Snow makes a pretty penny off them. His hands are covered in scars from years of his carving knife slipping on him because of his coordination being badly affected by the morphling.

Theme Song:
"Give Me a Sign” by Breaking Benjamin
"Echo" by Jason Walker

Character © *X-I-L2048
Art © ~Kintupsi
The Hunger Games © Suzanne Collins
Aaaand this is all for #TheHungerGamesOCT.
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SirSmudge Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
Oh man, great drawing! Really like how you've handled the lighting and the background, lovely job.

He's fleshed out really well too, the poor morphling addict. I can see why he turned to the stuff. What a fun Hunger Games he was in. D:
Kintupsi Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for commenting! :aww:

When I first read X-I's backstory for him, I knew I'd have to do this poor fellow justice in the ID picture, hence the serious/out-of-it expression. :'(
That-Little-Bird Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Lol the hiimdaisy icon and got excited lol XD I love his picture though. The eyes, the hair, the face, the everything X'D I like the style~
Kintupsi Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your kind comment! I'm glad you like it! :D
That-Little-Bird Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I saw* the hiimsdaisy icon. Typos.
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

OMG, girl, you blew my app completely out of the water with this! :wow: He looks AMAZING. I love that you even put in a BG for him. =D Thanks so much for doing this! :tighthug:
Kintupsi Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, thanks! :hug: I'm glad you like it! I thought it would be cool for the Capitol people taking the picture of him to set up a little background reminiscent of his Hunger Games arena. ;)
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
How could I NOT like it? :glomp:

Psh, he LOVED that idea, I'm sure. XD
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